Precinct News

Portion of Challenger Seven Memorial Park Opens

A small section of the 326-acre Challenger Seven Memorial Park, including the lake, opened to the public Wednesday, but the rest remains closed for safety concerns until workers remove storm debris.

Meanwhile, only two of Precinct One’s other 27 parks – Sheldon Sports Complex and Frankie Carter Randolph – remain closed from flooding and damages caused by Hurricane Harvey. Sheldon is expected to open Thursday.

At Challenger Seven, park visitors can only get to the Challenger Seven Monument via the main entrance road. The Learning Center has damages from water and mud from Clear Creek as well as hydraulic oil that leaked from the elevator. The nearby pens that housed the animals used in the Traveling Naturalist program also flooded.

Vegetation from the creek littered the parking lot, playground and two pavilions across from the Learning Center and other areas.

In south Precinct One, Tom Bass Regional Park III, with the exception of the community center that was flooded, opened on Wednesday. Crews are working to clean up the community center so it can reopen.